Quotes And Statements

You can`t you just pull something from thin air and want to throw a quote in just to make you look like you did some research always be certain of the person that you’re using and make sure that person is an expert in the field that you’re talking about okay because the quote will set the tone for your essay it’s gonna sort of be modeled after what you’ve written here but make sure you know enough about the person to feel comfortable using them using that person with the information that you’re about to provide you know don’t just pull it from a quote warehouse when we run our thesis statements the thesis statement is our contract with our audience it’s something that whatever I say my thesis statement is what an audience is expecting me to come through with through with the writing of the essay through the body paragraphs so make sure that your contract is intact you know. Find out more about the use of quotes in essays at Edusson.

If what you’ve written in your thesis statement doesn’t match the body of your essay then you may need to look at your body essay and go back and revise your thesis statement accordingly the thesis should not be a statement of fact and it should not offer information that’s immediately obvious are generally accepted if it’s a statement of fact I mean why would you need to run an entire paper on it if it’s just a statement of fact it needs to be more or cumulative in nature and here’s some poorly written thesis statements Sacramento is the capital of California well yes everyone knows Sacramento is the capital of California that’s a fact it’s generally accepted how can we write five paragraphs how can we write one paragraph on that the Senate sums up the entire idea there’s nothing to defend or argue or support Americans must pay federal income tax this is another one it’s a fact if you live in the United States you have to pay federal income tax that’s a requirement so there’s nothing there’s no wiggle room for you.

There’s nothing to really argue it’s just a statement of fact there’s no point of writing that what you should do with a thesis statement is making an argumentative point that your essay is going to uphold support defend prove you know throughout the course of the rioting so it needs to have some some edge to it some opinion it needs to have an opinion backing to it or be based in an opinion and here’s some examples rather than the Sacramento is the capital of California that’s a fact what if I said Los Angeles should be made the capital of California that’s argumentative you know it’s not obviously an obvious factor it’s not generally accepted because I’m arguing that I think instead of Sacramento Los Angeles should now be made the capital of California and my essay will explain the reasons why Americans should not have to pay federal income tax well since they do maybe my argument is that I hear the reasons why I don’t think they should have to pay that anymore and the rest of my paper can be compelling enough to defend that topic or support it so those are more argumentative directions.

Why College Essay Is So Important

To start off you know kind of thinking about the college essay in general why do you guys think the college essay is so important why is it such you know a center it is a crucial part of application and for you Ashley well what are you trying to learn from it as admissions officers and preach revenue by you know what are you trying to convey in that essay that might be different from other parts of your application sure I can start so when you think about your application and particularly your essay I think it is a great opportunity to have a conversation with an admissions officer right so many other parts of your application are already completed you can finished most of your high school so your transcript is done your test scores are done all of those other pieces you hand off your teacher letters of recommendation to other people. Prepare for your college application at Robotdon.com.

But your essay is your time to sit down and think what do I want to say about myself that’s might be different from other aspects of my application that’s one of my favorite pieces because I feel like we get to know students in a different capacity like what excites you and tell us more about your background who are you what do you have to contribute and it is it is a time for me to sit down and just get to know a student in a very different capacity which is exciting in the application process yeah so I think that um it is just it is the way for you to show how you can bring a unique perspective to the college that you are applying to and the scores don’t do that your grades don’t do that as much but the essay is it is really your time and and for the essay effort matters and it is not just one day it is not the four years of your grades it is really just you writing and you communicating how you can bring something unique to it to a place and it is be very exciting and it also could be fun.

You know that I say nobody nobody’s going to say the SAT is fun but you can I think in writing acknowledges it can be okay time you know I think one of the things I really enjoy about the essays it is it gives us context it lets us know a little bit of who you are and the things that you love and more to the point that a lot of people can like the exact same thing but why do you like it and how are you approaching it and why did you continue doing these things those are the things that make you uniquely special and which makes each one of these essays so exciting because then that gives us a thread throughout your application of oh this is who they are this is where they are coming from and this is what they can contribute to each one of our schools which makes us say they need to be here and how can we support them in their journey to success yeah just to kind of add on to that.

Essay Writing – Drawing Conclusions

Rethink information that you`re giving and is it relevant in the first places that has they’ve got anything to do with the core answer of course not you know it’s just padding and if the person tried to do it it would be impossible then they’re after a brief outline of the other two theoretical perspectives explaining the causes of economic crisis you see the interpretation of the essay now is as if I want someone to explain the causes of economic crises and incidentally mention mercantilism you understand it’s made it unmanageable it’s actually not answering the question we’re with problems this is where I finish so this is the last one again when I read that I know uh-huh this is not going to happen and then the substantive part I just you know pick up a couple of things look number to explain briefly explain briefly that mercantilism is not a new phenomenon and see how it was previously pursued by the West.

Can you do that brieflycan the spectacular growth performance of China be attributed to economic liberalization policies here’s the conclusion the last section will draw conclusions about the primary causes of spectacular growth of China I didn’t ask you to analyze the causes of growth of China I asked you to address one debate that it’s liberalisation that caused this growth that’s totally different to actually go and look at the causes of growth of China is a monster subject liberalisation economic liberalisation there’s actually a very specific debate which focuses only on trade liberalisation they use the term economic liberalisation to mean trade liberalisation and I’ve shown this in the lectures that’s your focus and when you answer you answer specifically economic liberalisation when you’re doing your outlines.

I advise you seriously you do your outline first can’t ask yourself look yourself in the mirror am I really answering this question have I got focus am i concentrating on the key point and what are the questions when I read the literature what are the questions I’m asking of the literature okay not starting by let me read the literature and hope that I find in it some article that answers my essay question okay that’s the norm isn’t it you read to see which piece of Internet wisdom is going to help you directly answer that question because it’s addressing that question don’t do it like that apart from anything else you know it could be another one of those rubbishy articles okay but you have to be guided go to the important ones even there interrogate them in the sense then ask the questions this is what I want to know that’s all I want to know have confidence practice it you’ll never never regret it really but it takes confidence it takes confidence and you have to work with each other ask someone this is my outline can you help me do you really think that I’m addressing the question because sometimes we don’t see our own mistakes.

Early Childhood Education Curriculum

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To become a qualified early childhood education teacher, you need to obtain a degree in Early Childhood Education, either from a university or teachers college. The early childhood education curriculum should consist of various classes and courses designed to train people to become supportive, fair, and compassionate early childhood education teachers.

Each country tailor makes the curriculum for early childhood teachers specific for the needs and culture of that country. For example, in New Zealand, early childhood educators and essay writers study not only ways of teaching children writing, the alphabet and numbers, but also concentrate on their mental and spiritual health in accordance to Maori Culture.

In Japan, the teachers-in-training are taught to foster collectivity and empathy in children – traits that dominate Japanese culture.

In these specialized Early Childhood education courses, students are taught many different aspects of teaching.

These include the nutritional needs of infants, toddlers and young children as well as the ‘stages’ of child development. While every child develops in their own unique way, there is a limit on how long it takes a child to roll over/sit up/stand/walk/talk and so on.

Knowing when most children should have developed these skills, teachers can decide whether a delay is cause for concern or if the child is just taking its time.

Early childhood educators are also taught how to support children through hard times at home. Children often act out towards those closest to them when going through major change at home. As an Early Childhood Education teacher you need to be equipped with strategies to help children through times of upheaval as well as to help parents through their trying time.

Early childhood educators are also trained in professional behavior. For early childhood teachers, it’s not about wearing suits and keeping a professional distance from your co-workers. It’s about how to handle parents who do not agree with your approach. It’s about what to do if you suspect there is abuse at home.

Helping a young child to develop to his or her full potential is an awesome responsibility. The early childhood education curriculum will equip you with the tools to maximize your input and give these young lives a flying start.

An early childhood education degree will also equip you to deal with the realities of preparing young children to make a useful contribution to the world.

Sadly many parents are will not join you in a win/win partnership for the betterment of their children but will either leave everything up to you or actively work to undermine your good work. It comes with the territory, but be prepared to meet these sorts of people from all walks of life.

What is Early Childhood Education?

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Early childhood education is an important part of every person’s life. It is when children are the most adaptive to changes and most absorbent of new information, making it a vital time in children’s development.

It is essential that for those first few years, children get the best support from everyone in their environment so that they can become successful, functioning members of society when they grow up.

With the help of the early childhood curriculum, parents and teachers are able to provide activities tailor made to help children achieve at a higher level, both academically and socially. These activities can make the world of difference in children’s lives, both as children and later as adults.

When used in conjunction with early childhood resources that are specifically designed to help children gain as much knowledge as possible, children are developed in a holistic sense in Early Childhood centers.

The other part of early childhood education that is important is the documenting of your child’s developmental milestones. In a centre with qualified teachers who have their degree in Early Childhood Education, children’s milestones are documented and shown to parents.

This means that you as a parent do not miss out on any development in your child, while the child is still getting the full support of people who recognize the big leaps children take every day. By doing this, teachers are able to see where there are possible gaps in a child’s education.

For example, maybe by age five, a child is still not able to tell the colors apart. By having the documentation, teachers can see this, and then put together a programme specifically for that child.

Or, maybe the problem is deeper than that. Maybe the child is color blind; maybe there is some form of learning disability. Maybe it’s as simple as no-one ever sat with that child and taught them the different names for the different colors.

Any of these situations is just as likely as the other. But with the assistance of both the parents and teachers, the right help can be found and the child fully supported as he/she learns another new piece of information.

In early childhood education, children are encouraged to explore both their abilities and emotions as well as the world around them, while being fully supported by not only their loving parents but by their dedicated teachers.

Early Childhood Education is possibly the most essential education any person can have because it sets the stage for the rest of that person’s life.


The Importance of Play for Children

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The importance of play for children cannot be overestimated. Play is the most fundamental part of a child’s learning. Unfortunately, as adults, we do not fully understand just how important it is for children to be able to play with a wide range of props.

Through play, children can explore their sense, their own personality and the world around them. They learn empathy, they learn about competition, about other how people do not react the same as they do.

This makes the importance of play in children’s learning incredibly vital. Through play, teachers can facilitate children’s learning through a medium that children enjoy. Children are much more receptive to new information if it is given to them in a way they enjoy.

Even adults are far more likely to retain information when it is presented in a way that interests them. For example, when I was in school, I battled somewhat with mathematics. I was good with numbers but triangles and I were not friends.

My mathematics teacher spent almost two whole lessons trying to get me to understand Pythagoras’ Theorem. I did not get it. Finally, she turned the theorem into a story and what do you know, I got it.

Children have the same disposition. You sit a child down with a pencil and paper and ask what 1+1 is, odds are they would have no clue how to answer you or write down the answer. But, if you give the child a ball, and then give the child another ball and ask how many they have, you are more likely to get a response.

Now that you have the child’s interest, it would be easy to start teaching the child simply addition and how to shape the numbers.

Everything from colors and numbers to how to tie your shoelaces and the answer to why do strawberries have their seeds on the outside can be discovered through play. This is why there is such an emphasis put on the importance of play in education.

I have not yet come across a piece of information that cannot be manipulated into a game or song or rhyme to make it enjoyable for the children to learn.

And that’s great because we should never underestimate the importance of play in early childhood development and learning.


Things Each Parent Should Understand About Student Loans

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For many people in this country, student loans are an absolute necessity. For many families, the cost of tuition, books, housing, and food are outside the realm of possibility. Without loan programs, many of us could never have a college education.

Many of the world’s countries provide few or no options that help people to pay for education after high school. Fortunately, for those that live in the U.S., there are plenty of options available. College educations are within reach for almost anyone, as long as they are willing to pay the price.

Those who are looking for student loans would do well to educate themselves on the different programs that are available. If they do, they will often find affordable loans, loans that offer interest rates that are well below market value.

A decision that has to be made is whether the parent or student will secure the loan. Either way, there will be tax benefits. The current program offered by the federal government provides the largest percentage of student loans out there. It loans about $50 billion worth of student help each year.

Many states provide loan options. Usually the actual funds are provided by a bank, and are then guaranteed by the state. To find out whether this is an option of your state, you can visit your local bank. They can tell you everything you need to know about state guaranteed student loans.

In some cases, individuals can’t qualify for state or federal student loans. This is usually because of high earning parents. The federal government determines whether a person qualifies for loans by looking at their parent’s income. If you don’t qualify for a student loan that’s guaranteed by the state or federal government, you may have to look at private loan options.

Federal student loans carry with them a lot of advantages over other types of loans. Federal loans are one of the only types of true guaranteed student loans. They provide the guarantee that the loan will be repaid, thus eliminating the need for collateral. This means that if the loan is defaulted on, the federal government will repay the money to the bank. They will, of course, try to recollect the money from the student or parent who took out the loan.

If you need a student loan, you should make sure to take a look at each of the following options: Stafford loans, Federal PLUS loans, bank student loans, college-board loans, and private loans. Weigh how much each loan will cost in interest before you make a decision. For most people, the federal options will provide the best interest rates.


Why Education is Important for Career Success

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Everyone must understand why education is important for career success. Preferably the emphasis on the importance of education is taught early in life and stays with the child until they finish college. However, there are many who never seem to grasp why education is important for career success and dropout of school while they are young. This should be discouraged at all costs. In fact, it is because education is so important that children and teenagers understand that the best time in their lives to devote to education is while they are young. As a person matures and settles down with a job and children, finding the time to dedicate to education can be challenging. When children and teens are young they have ample time to devote to their education.

When it comes to understanding why education is important for career success there are several factors to take into consideration. First, there are many jobs that simply will not hire those who do not have a high school diploma or GED. This automatically limits many people from those jobs, without ever taking into consideration whether or not the person who doesn’t have a high school diploma or GED would be perfect for the job. Some people have natural talents and abilities that make them best suited for certain jobs. It is a shame when someone who has the natural talent and gifting for a career never has a chance because they do not have a diploma or GED. By getting your diploma and GED you can ensure that you will not be automatically shut out of the job force due to lack of credentials.

Just as many doors are closed to those who don’t have a diploma or GED, other doors are automatically closed to those who do not hold a college degree. Take teaching for example. There might be a woman or man who is great with children, has incredible patience, and an innate desire to teach. Not only are they naturally suited for this career, they have a wonderful way of capturing children’s attention and explaining things with humor and great interest. Yet, they never went to college and earned a degree. No matter how great of a teacher this person would be, and despite his or her desire to be a teacher, without a college degree this person would never be teaching in front of a class. To achieve this dream, he or she must have a college degree. By understanding why education is important you can create a plan, set your goals, and reach your dreams.


Why Education is Important For Adults

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Understanding why education is important for adults is vital to ensuring future career success. Many adults are still living their lives as a result from the decisions they made when they were younger. Failing to understand why education is important, many teenagers hold after school jobs and decide that they no longer need to stay in high school. They might feel that they have found their dream job at sixteen, or seventeen and feel that staying in high school is a waste of time. However, when you view the majority of these teenagers in twenty to thirty years, chances are that they are still working in fields that carry strict limitations. Without advancing education, it can be very difficult to switch careers.

Another reason why education is important for adults is due to the fact that a degree opens up doors in the business world. When someone doesn’t have a degree, they rely upon their experience at a job. If someone has worked in an auto shop for twenty-five years, that experience will work for his or her benefit. The teenager that dropped out of high school to work in a gas station might hold twenty-five years experience in an auto shop and might even be able to make it to a managerial position or find success by opening their own shop. Experience is very important and many people who failed to recognize why education is important find their future success and stability in life solely upon their experience. However, if that person were to become tired of the auto shop business and wanted to change careers entirely, all of their experience would be useless. Without a degree, the person couldn’t prove that they have the knowledge or ability to change careers efficiently. A degree is a broad statement that shows employers you can work successfully in a particular field. And the fields covered by college degrees are much broader than those built upon years of experience in a trade.

One of the best things is that when an adult realizes why education is important, it’s not too late. No matter how old you are, what your current job is, or how many children you have, everyone can go back to school and work on their education. From finishing high school, getting a GED, and getting a college degree online, adults can continue their education whenever they choose.