My Story Your Story His Story is a devotional journaling book.  Unlike other devotionals and journals, the reader is encouraged to look to the past and record memories prompted by the story shared by the author.  (MY STORY)

It is the author’s belief that God has written amazing stories in and through our lives. These stories should be recorded for generations who follow to read and learn.  (YOUR STORY)

Everyone will leave a legacy. A legacy, according to Webster’s Dictionary is ‘something handed downfrom one  who has gone before’. Some sociologists have contended that a person influences not only their children but five generations of children. What will be your legacy? What is your story that will be repeated for generations yet to come? “Memory Journaling” reaches back to the past for future generations, leaving a lasting legacy of a life lived.  God is also the Author of your life and He has given you a story to tell.