What is Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education is an important part of every person’s life. It is when children are the most adaptive to changes and most absorbent of new information, making it a vital time in children’s development.

It is essential that for those first few years, children get the best support from everyone in their environment so that they can become successful, functioning members of society when they grow up.

With the help of the early childhood curriculum, parents and teachers are able to provide activities tailor made to help children achieve at a higher level, both academically and socially. These activities can make the world of difference in children’s lives, both as children and later as adults.

When used in conjunction with early childhood resources that are specifically designed to help children gain as much knowledge as possible, children are developed in a holistic sense in Early Childhood centers.

The other part of early childhood education that is important is the documenting of your child’s developmental milestones. In a centre with qualified teachers who have their degree in Early Childhood Education, children’s milestones are documented and shown to parents.

This means that you as a parent do not miss out on any development in your child, while the child is still getting the full support of people who recognize the big leaps children take every day. By doing this, teachers are able to see where there are possible gaps in a child’s education.

For example, maybe by age five, a child is still not able to tell the colors apart. By having the documentation, teachers can see this, and then put together a programme specifically for that child.

Or, maybe the problem is deeper than that. Maybe the child is color blind; maybe there is some form of learning disability. Maybe it’s as simple as no-one ever sat with that child and taught them the different names for the different colors.

Any of these situations is just as likely as the other. But with the assistance of both the parents and teachers, the right help can be found and the child fully supported as he/she learns another new piece of information.

In early childhood education, children are encouraged to explore both their abilities and emotions as well as the world around them, while being fully supported by not only their loving parents but by their dedicated teachers.

Early Childhood Education is possibly the most essential education any person can have because it sets the stage for the rest of that person’s life.