Essay Writing – Drawing Conclusions

Rethink information that you`re giving and is it relevant in the first places that has they’ve got anything to do with the core answer of course not you know it’s just padding and if the person tried to do it it would be impossible then they’re after a brief outline of the other two theoretical perspectives explaining the causes of economic crisis you see the interpretation of the essay now is as if I want someone to explain the causes of economic crises and incidentally mention mercantilism you understand it’s made it unmanageable it’s actually not answering the question we’re with problems this is where I finish so this is the last one again when I read that I know uh-huh this is not going to happen and then the substantive part I just you know pick up a couple of things look number to explain briefly explain briefly that mercantilism is not a new phenomenon and see how it was previously pursued by the West.

Can you do that brieflycan the spectacular growth performance of China be attributed to economic liberalization policies here’s the conclusion the last section will draw conclusions about the primary causes of spectacular growth of China I didn’t ask you to analyze the causes of growth of China I asked you to address one debate that it’s liberalisation that caused this growth that’s totally different to actually go and look at the causes of growth of China is a monster subject liberalisation economic liberalisation there’s actually a very specific debate which focuses only on trade liberalisation they use the term economic liberalisation to mean trade liberalisation and I’ve shown this in the lectures that’s your focus and when you answer you answer specifically economic liberalisation when you’re doing your outlines.

I advise you seriously you do your outline first can’t ask yourself look yourself in the mirror am I really answering this question have I got focus am i concentrating on the key point and what are the questions when I read the literature what are the questions I’m asking of the literature okay not starting by let me read the literature and hope that I find in it some article that answers my essay question okay that’s the norm isn’t it you read to see which piece of Internet wisdom is going to help you directly answer that question because it’s addressing that question don’t do it like that apart from anything else you know it could be another one of those rubbishy articles okay but you have to be guided go to the important ones even there interrogate them in the sense then ask the questions this is what I want to know that’s all I want to know have confidence practice it you’ll never never regret it really but it takes confidence it takes confidence and you have to work with each other ask someone this is my outline can you help me do you really think that I’m addressing the question because sometimes we don’t see our own mistakes.