Quotes And Statements

You can`t you just pull something from thin air and want to throw a quote in just to make you look like you did some research always be certain of the person that you’re using and make sure that person is an expert in the field that you’re talking about okay because the quote will set the tone for your essay it’s gonna sort of be modeled after what you’ve written here but make sure you know enough about the person to feel comfortable using them using that person with the information that you’re about to provide you know don’t just pull it from a quote warehouse when we run our thesis statements the thesis statement is our contract with our audience it’s something that whatever I say my thesis statement is what an audience is expecting me to come through with through with the writing of the essay through the body paragraphs so make sure that your contract is intact you know. Find out more about the use of quotes in essays at Edusson.

If what you’ve written in your thesis statement doesn’t match the body of your essay then you may need to look at your body essay and go back and revise your thesis statement accordingly the thesis should not be a statement of fact and it should not offer information that’s immediately obvious are generally accepted if it’s a statement of fact I mean why would you need to run an entire paper on it if it’s just a statement of fact it needs to be more or cumulative in nature and here’s some poorly written thesis statements Sacramento is the capital of California well yes everyone knows Sacramento is the capital of California that’s a fact it’s generally accepted how can we write five paragraphs how can we write one paragraph on that the Senate sums up the entire idea there’s nothing to defend or argue or support Americans must pay federal income tax this is another one it’s a fact if you live in the United States you have to pay federal income tax that’s a requirement so there’s nothing there’s no wiggle room for you.

There’s nothing to really argue it’s just a statement of fact there’s no point of writing that what you should do with a thesis statement is making an argumentative point that your essay is going to uphold support defend prove you know throughout the course of the rioting so it needs to have some some edge to it some opinion it needs to have an opinion backing to it or be based in an opinion and here’s some examples rather than the Sacramento is the capital of California that’s a fact what if I said Los Angeles should be made the capital of California that’s argumentative you know it’s not obviously an obvious factor it’s not generally accepted because I’m arguing that I think instead of Sacramento Los Angeles should now be made the capital of California and my essay will explain the reasons why Americans should not have to pay federal income tax well since they do maybe my argument is that I hear the reasons why I don’t think they should have to pay that anymore and the rest of my paper can be compelling enough to defend that topic or support it so those are more argumentative directions.