Why College Essay Is So Important

To start off you know kind of thinking about the college essay in general why do you guys think the college essay is so important why is it such you know a center it is a crucial part of application and for you Ashley well what are you trying to learn from it as admissions officers and preach revenue by you know what are you trying to convey in that essay that might be different from other parts of your application sure I can start so when you think about your application and particularly your essay I think it is a great opportunity to have a conversation with an admissions officer right so many other parts of your application are already completed you can finished most of your high school so your transcript is done your test scores are done all of those other pieces you hand off your teacher letters of recommendation to other people. Prepare for your college application at Robotdon.com.

But your essay is your time to sit down and think what do I want to say about myself that’s might be different from other aspects of my application that’s one of my favorite pieces because I feel like we get to know students in a different capacity like what excites you and tell us more about your background who are you what do you have to contribute and it is it is a time for me to sit down and just get to know a student in a very different capacity which is exciting in the application process yeah so I think that um it is just it is the way for you to show how you can bring a unique perspective to the college that you are applying to and the scores don’t do that your grades don’t do that as much but the essay is it is really your time and and for the essay effort matters and it is not just one day it is not the four years of your grades it is really just you writing and you communicating how you can bring something unique to it to a place and it is be very exciting and it also could be fun.

You know that I say nobody nobody’s going to say the SAT is fun but you can I think in writing acknowledges it can be okay time you know I think one of the things I really enjoy about the essays it is it gives us context it lets us know a little bit of who you are and the things that you love and more to the point that a lot of people can like the exact same thing but why do you like it and how are you approaching it and why did you continue doing these things those are the things that make you uniquely special and which makes each one of these essays so exciting because then that gives us a thread throughout your application of oh this is who they are this is where they are coming from and this is what they can contribute to each one of our schools which makes us say they need to be here and how can we support them in their journey to success yeah just to kind of add on to that.